Leadership Development Certificate

Demonstrate Proficiency in Management and Leadership Skills

Upon completion of Everblue's Personal Leadership Training program, candidates will have the opportunity to earn one of three leadership development certificates.

Level 1:  Certificate of Personal Leadership - Junior level: 32 hours of training

Level 2:  Leadership Development Certificate - Management level: 90-120 hours of training

Level 3:  Executive Leadership Certificate - 10 Years Professional Experience: 90-120 hours of training

This professional certificate represents an organization's belief in the potential of its employees. With the investment in employee professional development, organizations are helping their teams prepare for future leadership roles directly related to the company's growth.

The mutual respect that comes with the Personal Leadership Program Certificate ensures an effective partnership between the employee and the organization for years to come.

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Leadership Certificate Details

Format: At the end of our Personal Leadership workshop, candidates will participate in a scenario-based exam that showcases the communication and management skills they've acquired. Candidates must demonstrate professionalism with their interpersonal and problem-solving skills while completing practical exercises with diverse role-playing participants.

Length: Candidates will be evaluated on a set of three scenarios that focus on communication, conflict resolution, and management. Each scenario will last 5-10 minutes.

Employee Benefits: Increased marketability, decreased stress, improved focus, and improved morale.

Wage Gain - This training will directly benefit employees, as it will help them manage larger numbers of employees and earn more money by future promotions within the company.

Increased Knowledge - This management and leadership training will build the foundation for employees to handle conflict, give constructive feedback, develop employees, and more effectively manage teams. Given that staff often interact with customers dealing with complicated and sometimes stressful business matters, it is critical that employees and staff understand how to act and communicate professionally. This training will help employees better understand themselves, better serve customers and what it takes to manage/lead others. They will learn specific methodologies that they can continue to utilize for the rest of their career.

Marketable Credential - This training culminates with the potential to earn the Leadership Development Certificate. This credential will increase an employee's marketability and help them pursue positions and promotions in the future. Further, the training and credential will enhance the employee's professional network and allow them to gain access to a community of driven and passionate forward-thinkers.

Business Benefits: Employee development, improved productivity, improved employee retention, and improved company culture (as training can be a team building event)

Growth Opportunities - The better employees can lead, communicate, and understand themselves, the better they will be able to serve customers, assume managerial roles, and grow a business. Developing staff will help prepare existing employees for future leadership roles as the company grows.

With the Personal Leadership Program Certificate, organizations can confidently rely on their employees to always display professionalism in their interactions with internal and external stakeholders. Likewise, employees can use their newfound skills to successfully manage client interactions, create a positive work environment, and validate their worth to the company.

The Personal Leadership Certificate continually provides value to all employees, for the lifetime of the organization!

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