Personal Leadership Development Training

Improve Professionalism, Communication & Leadership Abilities

Delivered by Everblue, a locally based and nationally accredited professional education company, this hands-on leadership and management training program provides 90-120 hours of live classroom, role play/practical exercise, and online self-study.

Professionalism, communication, and self-awareness are core components of leadership that impact every person in a team, from the high-level strategy expert to the enterprising and scrappy entrepreneur.

Our Personal Leadership Training program will teach employees how to tap into their inner leader so they can become successful with handling conflict, giving constructive feedback, and managing teams.

This hands-on training provides role play/practical exercise and online self-study education that culminates with a scenario-based test and the potential to earn the Leadership Development Certificate.

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Program Details

Length: This program can be run in as little as 12 weeks or as long as 12 months. The 90-120 hours includes:

Classroom time

Self-study time

Exercise time

Sessions: 4 hours/week

Timing: Lunch works but first thing in the morning is best. Starting first thing in the morning before everyone gets swamped with their emails, projects, and to-do list helps reinforce the course content.

Course Topics: Using Harvard & Stanford case studies, the training will build the foundation for participants to handle conflict, give constructive feedback, develop employees, and more effectively manage teams.

How It Works: During the training program, participants will dive into 8 best-in-class exercises to actively learn personal leadership and take away a set of practical frameworks. The classes will utilize the case method developed by Harvard Business School where they will read about scenarios prior to class, come prepared to discuss the challenges in the scenario, and role play in practical exercises where they will have an opportunity to put their learning into practice. In this model, students are afforded the opportunity to learn from their instructors but also from the diverse perspectives of their peers. Further, some classes will include guest lecturers who will speak to the specific struggles they have dealt with in their own careers in management.

Employee Benefits: Increased marketability, decreased stress, improved focus, and improved morale.

Wage Gain - This training will directly benefit employees, as it will help them manage larger numbers of employees and earn more money by future promotions within the company.

Increased Knowledge - This management and leadership training will build the foundation for employees to handle conflict, give constructive feedback, develop employees, and more effectively manage teams. Given that staff often interact with customers dealing with complicated and sometimes stressful business matters, it is critical that employees and staff understand how to act and communicate professionally. This training will help employees better understand themselves, better serve customers and what it takes to manage/lead others. They will learn specific methodologies that they can continue to utilize for the rest of their career.

Marketable Credential - This training culminates with the potential to earn the Leadership Development Certificate. This credential will increase an employee's marketability and help them pursue positions and promotions in the future. Further, the training and credential will enhance the employee's professional network and allow them to gain access to a community of driven and passionate forward-thinkers.

Business Benefits: Employee development, improved productivity, improved employee retention, and improved company culture (as training can be a team building event)

Growth Opportunities - The better employees can lead, communicate, and understand themselves, the better they will be able to serve customers, assume managerial roles, and grow a business. Developing staff will help prepare existing employees for future leadership roles as the company grows.

Pricing: Our Leadership Development Program is $2500/attendee.

Invest in your employees with our Personal Leadership Training program. By giving employees the opportunity to better understand themselves, they'll be able to better serve customers and help grow your business!

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Cohort runs October 2019 - June 2020

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