LEED Credential Maintenance Program Continuing Education

All accredited LEED professionals must acquire continuing education hours every two years to keep their credential active. The breakdown of required hours is as follows:

LEED Green Associates need 15 CMP hours (3 must be specific to LEED)

LEED APs with Specialty need 30 CMP hours (6 must be specific to LEED)

Everblue's LEED CMP packages are the most straightforward solutions for meeting your CMP requirements. When you register for one of our LEED CMP packages, we'll submit your LEED CMP hours to GBCI on your behalf!

Materials by Format

LEED Green Associate CMP

LEED AP Specialty CMP

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LEED Credential Maintenance Training Details

Course Description: These online, self-paced programs are perfectly tailored for LEED credential holders seeking continuing education. The LEED Green Associate CMP program is exactly 15 hours (including the 3 LEED-specific hours), and the LEED AP CMP program is exactly 30 hours (including the 6 LEED-specific hours). We've got everything you need in one place - start today & maintain your LEED credential for another 2 years!

Prerequisites: These LEED continuing education packages are specifically designed for LEED Green Associate and LEED AP credential holders. If you have passed a LEED exam, then you're in the right place.

Audience: The 15-hour CMP package is designed for LEED Green Associate credential holders. The 30-hour CMP package is designed for LEED AP credential holders, particularly BD+C, O+M, and ID+C professionals.

Learning Objectives:

LEED Green Associate CMP Program (15 Hours)

Green Power & Carbon Offsets

Residential Energy Auditing Concepts

Integrated Project Delivery

Introduction to LEED for Neighborhood Development

Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics

LEED AP Specialty CMP Program (30 Hours)

Environmental Product Declaration

Green Cleaning

Indoor Air Quality

Greenhouse Gases

Onsite Renewable Energy Production

Energy Auditor for Non-Residential

Integrated Project Delivery

Green Power & Carbon Offsets

Introduction to LEED Neighborhood Development

Energy Benchmarking & Modeling

Green Building Codes

Introduction to Solar PV


How to Maintain Your LEED Credential

Step 1:  Log into your USGBC account & make note of your Reporting Period

Step 2:  Complete the appropriate number of training hours for your designation

Step 3:  Submit completed training information to GBCI (called Report CE Hours within portal)

Step 4:  Pay a renewal fee to USGBC within 30 days of your Reporting Period deadline


Course Registration

Register now online or call us at 800-460-2575 to set up your order.

We accept all major credit cards, check payments, and PayPal.

Register for LEED GA CMP    Register for LEED AP CMP

Have Questions? Leave a Comment Below!

I am a LEED Green Associate

Submitted by Everblue

Hi Mikey,

Everblue has just started offering a 15 hour CMP course for LEED Green Associates. Please see our CMP page for this new option.


Complete CMP Program by August?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

I have to complete my credits by August. Would I be able to do that online with your program?

Complete CMP Program by August?

Submitted by Everblue


You would be able to complete Everblue's Credential Maintenance Program in August. You will be able to watch the sessions in plenty of time. Please call our customer service center at 1-800-460-2575 if you have further questions on Everblue's CMP Program.



Submitted by Louwie (not verified)

Do you have CMP for LEED AP O+M?



Submitted by Everblue

Thanks for the great question!

Everblue's CMP program qualifies for both LEED Green Associate continuing education credits and LEED AP continuing education credits. LEED GAs only need 15 hours of continuing education while LEED APs need 30 hours.

So you would want to sign up for the Everblue CMP course and take all 30 hours to maintain your LEED AP O+M credential.

30 Hours of CMP in One Month

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

I am a LEED AP ID+C. I am between jobs and want to complete the 30 hrs of continuing education credits in one month at my own pace. Will Everblue's LEED CMP Package allow me to fulfill my program requirements?

30 Hours of CMP in One Month

Submitted by Everblue

Hello and thank you for your question.

Everblue is still in the process of recording our CMP webinars as we hold them each month. Therefore, you would be able to access these recordings on demand after they are completed in 15 months from now. You could then take the on demand webinars at your own pace with Everblue's LEED CMP package.

Thank you!

Corporate Rate for CMP Training

Submitted by Anne Fung (not verified)

If we have 2-6 people in different locations who require LEED Credential Maintenance Program credits, can you provide a fee for the course? Brown and Caldwell

Corporate Rate for CMP Training

Submitted by Everblue


For Everblue's LEED Credential Maintenance Program, we offer corporate rates to groups. The Everblue LEED CMP program includes 30 credential hours tailored exactly to the LEED CMP Program requirements.

If you have any questions, please feel to give us a call at 800-460-2575.

Thank you,

LEED-specific requirement

Submitted by Mike Tonnesen (not verified)

Does your training include what is refered to as LEED-specific education credits, 6 hours being required?

Leed-specific requirement

Submitted by Bana@Everblue

Hello Mike,

Thank you for you interest. Our CMP program includes your six LEED-specific hours, as well as the other USGBC requirements.

Thank you,

LEED in Tulsa, OK

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

I am presently in the Tulsa, OK area. The cert classes would be great in this area. There is still a fair amount of construction continuing in this area even though other areas are being hit with the economy. The area is heavy with construction people and enough large GC's to make a trip worth while. Heck I could be a sales person for you to make this happen as I am a victim of the economy. I was laid off after 8 years of successful superintendency and traveling from one end of this country to the other. Anyway I think I want to do one of these cert classes, being laid off I certainly have the time.

LEED in Tulsa, OK

Submitted by Everblue

We'd be happy to schedule training in Oklahoma. Please contact us to discuss any questions that you might have.


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