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LEED AP, which stands for LEED Accredited Professional, is an advanced credential for individuals who specialize in core focus areas of sustainability and regularly work on LEED green building projects.

To earn the LEED AP designation, a candidate must first pass the 2-hour LEED Green Associate exam. After you've passed the LEED GA exam, you can then sit for the 2-hour LEED AP exam.

You may want to bundle your LEED Green Associate training with your LEED AP training if...

  • Your employer requires a LEED AP on staff.  Many firms rely on a LEED AP to manage their building division.
  • A project bid asks for it.  If you want to qualify to work on the project, you have to meet the requirements.
  • You're switching careers.  If you want to work in sustainability or green building, LEED AP is the top goal to aim for.
  • You want to prove your worth.  Certification often leads to increased salary and promotions. Become more marketable!

We've bundled our LEED Green Associate & LEED AP exam prep packages together so that you have all the material at your fingertips to prepare for *both* exams!

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Choose a Specialty with LEED AP Training

LEED APs stand out from other professionals because they demonstrate proficiency in a specific area, such as building new commercial spaces, retrofitting historic buildings, or planning entire neighborhoods.

Everblue offers LEED AP exam prep for the following two specialties:

LEED AP Building Design + Construction (a.k.a. LEED AP BD+C), which focuses on new construction and major renovations building projects. If your goal is to manage new construction projects, acting as the main point-of-contact for goal-setting, documentation, technical analyses, role delegation, and more, then LEED AP BD+C is the specialty for you!

LEED AP Operations + Maintenance (a.k.a. LEED AP O+M), which focuses on whole-building maintenance and upgrades to existing buildings. If your goal is to improve energy consumption, indoor air quality, and productivity in existing buildings, then LEED AP O+M is for you!

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LEED AP O+M Combo $999 Specialize in Existing Building Retrofits Register Now!

Everything You Need to Become a LEED AP

What’s Included

  • Instant access to the LEED GA Exam Prep webinar - ONLINE  ($399 value)
  • Instant access to the LEED AP Exam Prep webinar - ONLINE  ($499 value)
  • Instant access to the LEED AP Credential Maintenance package - ONLINE  ($299 value)
  • Course manuals for LEED GA & LEED AP
  • 700+ LEED Practice Questions
  • LEED Study Sheets