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Everblue solar courses are designed to help meet the tremendous demand for solar knowledge. Whether you are a homeowner interested in buying a solar system or you are a solar business professional, Everblue can provide you with the basics and business strategies of solar. Browse our solar training options below.

Entry Level Solar PV Training

This 40-hour solar training course will give you what you need to start working in the solar industry. Available online, the Entry Level Solar PV class covers the fundamentals of solar energy and photovoltaics, electricity, system sizing principles and PV array electrical & mechanical design. Prepare yourself for a career in renewable energy! No prior experience is required.

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Advanced Solar Training

This advanced 40-hour course includes hands-on solar PV installation as well as system maintenance and troubleshooting. Everblue's Advanced Solar Training covers electrical and mechanical integration of solar PV modules, racks and components. Build upon your renewable energy credentials, and help meet the growing demand for solar installation experts!

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Solar Design & Sales

Everblue's 16-hour Solar Design & Sales training will help renewable energy professionals get involved in the fastest growing segment of the solar industry: solar sales. Learn the financial, environmental, and ethical benefits of choosing solar and how to communicate these incentives to clients. Also become comfortable with the technical aspects of selling solar, which include system design based on site, load, and shading analysis.

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Everblue's solar training programs are IREC Accredited



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