RESNET HERS Rater Certification

If you’re looking for a fast and effective RESNET HERS Rater Certification program, look no further!

You can start training TODAY with Everblue's all-online program.

With online HERS Rater certification training, you can learn at your convenience - any time from any computer. Our program is designed to provide all of the building science training you need to jumpstart your career. By the end of our tiered, two-course program, you WILL be certified and more than prepared to begin working as a HERS Rater!

Questions?  Visit our RESNET Overview section or call us at 877-678-8340. Our knowledgeable and responsive team understand the HERS Rater certification requirements and are happy to talk you through the steps, start to finish.

Courses Required for Certification

What's Included in Each Package

  HERS Rater Training + Testing RESNET Quality Assurance
HERS Rater Training  
HERS Rater Certification Exams  
- Core Written  
- Practical Simulation  
- Combustion Safety Written  
- Combustion Safety Simulation  
Instructional Videos on Energy Modeling  
2 Home Energy Ratings from Plans  
One Year Contract for RESNET QA  
One Year Energy Modeling License  
RESNET Rater ID Number  
RESNET Data Collection Forms  
Field Training & Ratings on 3 Homes  
Program Fee $1,899 $1,199
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How to Become a HERS Rater

To earn this designation, a candidate must:

Step 1 - Complete HERS Rater Training with an Accredited Rater Training Provider like Everblue

  • Training aligned with the RESNET Technical Standards
  • Pass the National Rater Core Exam (100 questions)
  • Pass the RESNET Practical Simulation Exam
  • Pass the RESNET Combustion Safety Written Exam (25 questions)
  • Pass the RESCAZ Combustion Safety Simulation Exam

Step 2 - Participate in RESNET Quality Assurance

  • We connect you with a Quality Assurance Provider
  • Complete field training and ratings on 3 real properties
  • Obtain HERS Rater Certification from QA Provider